How to select a good avocado?

Press opposite of stem

Eating an avocado or aguacate is best when its ripe. Then you’ll really taste the smooth, buttery, and nutty flavour. However, selecting the right avocado for your guacemole or other recipes can be hard, so here’s a small guide on how to select a ripe avocado, how to open it, and how to store it.


Press opposite of stem
To see if an avocado is ripe press at the end opposite of the stem of the avocado. Ripe avocados should have a bit of a give to them; it should not be completely soft to touch, but neither too hard. The meat ripens from the stem down, so if it yields a bit when you press the end farthest from the stem, you know that the rest of the avocado is at least as ripe. Check the rest of the avocado as well, because people often manhandle it and you’ll end up buying a squishy avocado. Also important is to find out if an avocado is not overripe. Gently shake the avocado near your ear and if you hear the seed rolling, it’s overripe. Choose another one. Lastly, the avocado should have an even coloured skin all over.

Avocados don’t ripen until picked which is why the avocados sold in supermarkets are often under-ripe. The best thing to do is to buy your avocado 3 or 4 days in advance, and let it ripen at the fruit bowl. In case you need to speed up the ripening process, you can store the avocado a day in a brown paper bag together with some bananas or apples.


Cut the avocado all the way through in the length and turn the halves in opposite directions. The meat of a good avocado will be light-green of colour. If it’s brown or black it’s rotten. Sometimes you’ll find some brown spots. Just remove these as the rest of the meat will be fine. If the avocado is ripe, you can easily peel the skin now it’s cut open.


Leave unripe avocados on the counter to continue to ripen. It’s best to eat ripe avocados immediately because the taste will be stronger. However, if you have to, you can keep them in the refrigerator drawer for fresh products to last them several days longer.

If you just use one half of the avocado, save the part with the pit attached, and put a bit of lemon or lime juice on the cut side. Wrap it in plastic foil and keep it in the fridge. You can save it up to 2 days. Cut avocados turn brown quickly, and the lime juice, and plastic foil slow down the browning process.


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