DIY pineapple Christmas tree ornament

This year I’ve finally got enough space at home for a Christmas tree. Now I get to use some of the souvenirs that I bought in Peru earlier this year. So my Christmas tree has now an andean angel, a rainbow coloured chullo (hat with earflaps), and a llama. However, after adding all the ornaments, the tree was still a bit empty and I needed some more to fill it up.

When I came across the idea of pineapple ornaments on Instagram (by Awwsam), I was immediately sold: it’s an easy to make DIY for christmas ornaments, one of my favourite fruits and it’s an extra tropical touch for my Christmas tree.

Pineapple Christmas ornament

What you’ll need:


  • pinecones (clean and dry)
  • yellow paint (acrylic or spray paint)
  • string
  • green tissue paper
  • all-purpose glue
  • glitters or glitter glue (this is optional, in case you want to add sparkles to it)


  • scissors
  • small paintbrush


Here’s how you make the pineapple ornaments:

  1. Paint the pinecones, and make sure that all the brown areas are covered. I’ve used acrylic paint and I needed quite some layers to cover the pinecones completely. Make sure to let the paint dry between each layer; acrylic paint dries in 10 to 30 minutes. To save time you can use yellow spray paint instead.

DIY pineapple ornament for the Christmas tree

2. This is optional: if you want to give it a festive touch, add some glitter to the pinecones.

Once your yellow pinecones have dried, it’s time to add the leaves.

3. Use scissors to cut pointy leaves out of the green tissue paper. Next, glue the leaves to the top of the pinecone, and make sure that they form a closed circle. Let the glue dry and then you can carefully fold the leaves a bit to give the pineapple a more natural look.

DIY pineapple ornament for the Christmas tree step 2

4. Cut a piece of string, wrap it around the pinecone, and make a knot.

Now your pineapple is ready for the Christmas tree!

Pineapple Christmas ornaments in the Christmas tree



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