Buying the right clothes for a backpack trip

January is coming up which means it’s sales time here in Belgium. It made me think of the best clothes I’ve ever bought for my travels during sales time which was a Tripod bikini at Decathlon for €2. No wonder I’m thinking about the sales at Decathlon right now! You’ve got until 26th of January. I realized that over the years, many of my Quechua and Tripod clothes from Decathlon were the best and favourite items for my journeys in Latin America. Here is my list of recommendations for clothing you should buy at Decathlon, especially during the sale.

The best clothes to buy at Decathlon for your backpack trip

1. Raincoat

The Jack Rain-Cut from Quechua is the perfect raincoat to take with you on a day trip when you’re in some hot and damp place like the Caribbean and it’s rainy season.  

2. Fleece vest

Layers is what I need to keep my body warm. This fleece Quechua Forclaz have kept me warm during hikes at the volcanoes of Ecuador, but also here in Europe they are my best friend in winter time. The fabric dries quickly, and they have pockets with a zipper. Last but not least, they make them in a lot of different colours. I’m in love with it!

3. Jacket

It can be an investment buying a jacket, but if you do buy one, make sure it’s a good investment, like this Quechua’s Arpenaz 3-in-1. The zipper is sealed which keeps cold air outside. Besides you can just use the inside jacket separately or just the rain jacket. Even now back in Europe it’s the warmest jacket I’ve got.

4. Zip off hiking trousers

I never thought I would ever recommend zip off hiking trousers, because it’s the most unsexy clothing item! I still think it’s, but while travelling, the Quechua’s Forclaz hiking trousers have come in handy a lot. It’s for those trips in freezing buses when the air-conditioning is set on 15 degrees. But also when I travelled from San José, where it was cold, to the warm Caribbean coast, I could zip off the bottom parts and turn my trousers into shorts within seconds.

5. Water shirt

Going to sunny places with my fair skin is asking for trouble. In Central America this Tribord uv shirt prevented me from burning. Besides the colour matches my eyes 😉

6. Surf bikini

As a girl you never have enough bikini’s, and even though I already had some at home, I bought a new one for my trip to Costa Rica. This one is different: some of the Tripod bikini’s are designed for active girls. So if you are into swimming, surfing, or other aquatic sports it’s the perfect bikini. I discovered it in Costa Rica: one wave, and your bikini would be at ripped of your body. But not this one!

7. High hiking boots

For hikes good boots are very important. Of course, the type of boots depends on where you are going but if you are going to the Andes, I’d recommend high hiking shoes. Quechua’s Arpenaz boots kept my ankles stable, my feet warm and, especially important, dry. 

8. Socks

Your feet will love the Arpenaz socks from Quechua. No blisters even after hours of walking, and they dry quickly.

9. Warm hiking socks

You probably already noticed that I’m a cold fish: these socks are still my favourites now during European winter time when my feet don’t seem to get warm at all . But also in Latin America the Quechua Forclaz socks kept my feet warm during hikes on volcanoes  in Ecuador.