How to eat tunas


This week when I was passing by the Arabic shops in my neighbourhood, I discovered it’s tuna time. I really love these edible cactus fruits which I ate for the first time in Mexico. It can be a bit tricky to cut them because of the small hair-like spines. But with these tips you should be able to cut a tuna or cactus fruit without problem.

be careful with the spinesI cannot stress this enough, be careful with the spines.

This is why you've to be careful when cutting a tunaI’m clearly not the best person to give a good example ūüėȬ†Watch out for the hair-like spines. They are very small and can cause a lot of pain and/or skin irritation. You’ll end up finding them everywhere, and they are hard to spot.

Hold the tuna at both ends

To avoid the spines, hold the tuna at both ends.

Cut one end of the tuna

Cut off one end of the tuna while avoiding the spines…

Cut off the other end of the tuna

…then cut off the other end of the¬†tuna.

Cut the tuna lengthwiseNow you can cut the skin lengthwise, still holding both ends of the tuna.

Remove the skin of the tunaFinally you can remove the skin. This can be tricky because you still have to be careful of the spines and pull the skin at the same time. Watch carefully where you’ll place your fingers.

Look at the colourLook at that beautiful orangey red colour! The grainy flesh is the part you can eat. The first time it feels a bit weird to eat the small seeds, but it’s delicious. It tastes a bit like a juicy pear but sometimes they can be a bit bitter too.

Cactus figs come in many different colours such as green, white, yellow, pink, brown and red. Also the flesh comes in a rainbow of colours: white/yellowish, light green, orange or like now red/purple. In Europe they are available from August through October. A ripe tuna should have an intense colour, and the fruit should yield slightly to the touch, just like a ripe pear.

Go and have a look if they sell tunas in your neighbourhood. Remember to hold the tuna at the end when you buy, and cut it.

Tell me, how was your tuna?